We proudly presents our lovely cats 



S*Et Consortez Knut Hallonstrut NFO d 09 24
Born 2009-02-17
HCM-normal 2009-12-06, 2011-05-01
GSD IV free (N/N)

Sire: IC S*Poimandre's Marcus Aurelius NFO n 09 22
Dam:CH S*Et Consortez Mirsen NFO f 24

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Knut Hallonstrut...this big beauty has developed very, very nice. Me and Petra has decided to try to let him be a breeding male. Of course he will continue to live at Petra's and we will go to as many shows as he wants to and we have the time for. He has a supertemper and a lot of qualities that I have longed for in years. <3
Knuts weight is around 8 kg
DK Killix Feliciano NFO a
Born 2009-05-27
 HCM -normal 2010-06-03, 2011-05-01
GSD IV free (N/N)

Sire: FIN*Dunderkatten's Sigurd NFO a 09
Dam: GIC DK Killix Pippi NFO a

Breeder: Kiri & Susanne Höj Andersen

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This is our new boy, we call him Prinsen. He is a very cuddly boy who also loves FOOD! He is co-owned with Mats at S*Merix and lives at our home.  We will introduce him to shows in october -09. He has developed very nice and we hope he will be our new breeding male in the future.
Prinsens weight is around 7 kg

Zam 4 months old
S*Et Consortez Alaka Zam NFO a 22
Born 2010-03-14
HCM - will be tested
GSD IV free (N/N)

Sire: IC  S*Poimandre's Marcus Aurelius NFO n 09 22
Dam: CH S*Et Consortez Mirsen NFO f 24

Pedigree Gallery Results

Yes, this little fellow is Knut's brother. As we don't know if Knut will be able to stay fertile (he lives in an apartment with Petra, as most of you know) I wanted to be sure to have these lines for breeding and as I told their parents I wanted a boy "a 22" and he actually came, he had to stay ;) He has the same wonderful temper as his brother and we really look forward to see his development. He has some details better than Knut and some not as good as Knut...This will be very exciting for us <3
Zam will come along for shows as he doesn't seem to bother =D





CH S*Et Consortez Elsa Beskow NFO f 24

Born 2003-05-12

HCM-normal 2005-10-30, 2009-04-26

GSD IV free (N/N)


Sire: S*Sir Maxwell's Balthasar NFO n 09 24

Dam: S*Et Consortez Sweet Surprize NFO ds 09 24


Pedigree Gallery Results


Elsa is the alfaqueen in the house. She has a fantastic temper and loves to be a mum. She doesn't like shows at all so we let her be at home instead.

Elsa is not going to have more kittens, she will probably help the others instead as she use to do.

Elsas weight is around 4,5 kg.


  CH S*Et Consortez Mirsen NFO f 24
Born 2007-12-17
HCM-normal 2009-04-05
GSD IV free (N/N)

Sire: IC S*Prissman's Chat Noir NFO a
Dam: CH S*Et Consortez Elsa Beskow NFO f 24

Pedigree Gallery Results

Mirsen was our hostcat but since the family got allergic she moved to our house. She had no problem to agree with the other cats, she is very very friendly. Mirsen has a fantastic temper and also is a great mum. She doesn't mind shows.
Mirsens weight is around 5 kg.
S*Tassajara's Miss Circle NFO n 03
Born 2006-12-23
HCM-normal 2009-12-06
GSD IV free (N/N)

Sire: DK*Europa's Jernalder Mand, JW NFO n 03 22
Dam: IC S*Tassajara's Dorada NFO f 09

Breeder: Greta Grönberg

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Masken, as she is called, is a very friendly cat. She came to us as an adult. She gets stressed around other cats so we will not take her for shows. She loves to sleep in Emys bed, it is "her" place...
Maskens weight is around 3,5 kg.

Gnistra 4 months old & Emy
S*Luddhögen's Gnistra NFO ns 09 24
Born 2009-12-21
HCM - normal 2011-05-01

Sire: CH S*Hagabacken's Harley Davison NFO n 09 22
Dam: CH S*Luddhögen's Delilah NFO as 09 24

Breeder: Ylva Rönnqvist
Pedigree Gallery Results

Gnistra is our teenager, she is very cuddly and she is talking all the time. She has many nice qualities and we are looking forward to see her development. She will come along for shows if she enjoy it as good as she did as a kitten. We have some interesting breeding plans for her next year, keep your eyes open ;)